Here Are 10 Things You Probably Learned in School that Are Definitely Wrong

So how many colonies were there in the original United States? If you are thinking thirteen… then you are not totally correct.

And who exactly did invent the lightbulb? Nope, not Thomas Edison.

Think “irregardless” is not a word? Well my friend, you are not completely up-to-date on your information.

We could keep going but we will save you some frustration and feeling like you may not actually know anything after all, but please do not blame yourself! Many of us learned things in school that did not end up being entirely true. Because, yes, even education systems can be fallible.

Check out mental_floss’s “Top Ten” list of misconceptions you learned in school in the below video and next time you find yourself at a party and need a good conversation starter, be prepared to bust out your new-found knowledge!

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