5 Amazing Summer Writing Retreats

WriterPhoto: Courtesy Flickr user R.U.P.A.K-A.N.T.O

Writing is a solitary pursuit, yet paradoxically we crave connection during the process. Writing retreats acknowledge both of those needs: the desire for solitude and for camaraderie with other writers. Whatís more, retreats break you out of your routine backdrop, giving you a new environment thatís often bursting with inspiration.

Now is the time to start thinking about summer writing retreats. Weíve compiled a list of some of the best opportunities across the country to help you research your own writing getaway:

1. Write-by-the-Lake Writerís Workshop and Retreat
Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Dates: June 16-20 (9:30-12:30)

Pricing: From $365-750 depending on course selection. More info here.

Description: In 2013, over 130 writers from 15 states and other countries took advantage of beautiful, sunny weather in Madison, Wisconsin, to refresh their writing life. Our retreat features sessions for beginners and advanced writers (including Master Classes), and offers optional graduate credits in English.

Choose from 12 sessions taught by leading educators and writers from UW-Madison and across the country. Topics include: ìThrill Me: Creating the Momentum That Publishers Crave,î ìHow to Create Non-Stereotypical, Three-Dimensional Characters,î and ìTurning Your Life Experiences into an Inspiring Book.î Limit is 15 participants per session unless otherwise noted.

2. Juniper Summer Writing Institute

Location: Amherst, Massachusetts

Dates: June 22-28
Pricing: $1250 (lodging not included). Scholarships available.
Description: Every summer, the Juniper Institute gathers a community of writers to explore the creative process and develop new approaches to the craft of writing. At the heart of the Institute are intensive workshops in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Writers generate new work and share that work or other work-in-progress with an assigned faculty member and a core group of peers. We keep our workshop numbers small so that every writerís work gets dedicated attention.

Morning craft sessions offer writers a chance to talk with faculty and writers in residence about varied topics of interest, writersí lives, books, and the state of contemporary letters. Sessions may also explore techniques, themes, and forms. Many craft session facilitators invite participants to try out writing exercises and exchange ideas. Each evening features dynamic readings by Juniper faculty and writers in residence.

3. Wildacres Writing Retreat and Workshop
Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

Dates: Retreat: June 29-July 5 Workshop: July 5- July 12

Pricing: $740 workshop only; $1100 workshop

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