8 Questions To Ask Yourself To Create Epic Characters

What Do They Regret?

Regrets. We all have ’em. For some, this won’t play as big of a role in shaping a character, but for others, this might be the main drive of the story. Is your character hiding something they are ashamed of, and trying to make up for their mistakes by doing good? Did your character get in a fight with his dad, and then the dad died in a tragic accident the next day? How would this impact your character’s relationship with others?

How Do They See Themselves?

This is such a pivotal question to ask of your character. Do they justify their decisions that others would deem unforgivable? Are they an unreliable narrator? Is there some disconnect between how they view themselves versus how others close to them view them? Maybe they put on a mask for their friends and family, but in the privacy of their own thoughts, we get insight into how they really are.