11 Animals Reading Is Definitely Cuter Than 10 Animals Reading. Need Proof?

Reading is definitely our favorite past time. And there’s nothing quite like cuddling up in your comfiest chair reading with your pet. We’ve searched the Internet far and wide and found 11 adorable bibliophiles that could distract you from even the most interesting novel!

Sit back and enjoy your daily dose of cute, cuddly readers!

11. Identifying with the main character

A photo posted by NORBERT (@norbertthedog) on

10. He might need reading glasses…

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9. Graphic Novel Guinea Pig

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8. D’awww… How’d they get his book so tiny!

7. A brief pause (paws) for contemplation…

6. Your tongue is on my E-reader!

A photo posted by jack pug (@piratepugjack) on

5. Grumpy Cat seems unimpressed.

A photo posted by Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) on

4. He’s learning how to breathe fire!

3. This one’s a thinker…

2. This pug knows what’s up!

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1. Because one cutie on a stack of Harry Potter books wasn’t enough

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