These Kids’ Reaction To B.J. Novak’s ‘The Book With No Pictures’ Is Too Cute For Words!

I think it is pretty safe to say that nearly every child loves to have a book read to them. They get to hear a good story, see pretty pictures that go with it, and sometimes, depending who may be reading it to them, even have some fun voices thrown in the mix.

But how does that experience change for the child when suddenly their story has no pictures and everything is left to their imagination?

Well, beloved actor and screenwriter B.J. Novak has officially added children’s book author to his long list of accomplishments, and kids are certainly grateful. See their riotous reactions in the video below when they find out that his book has, believe it or not, no pictures!

Novak has kids laughing out loud and answering his questions with an eagerness Dora the Explorer never could! Plus, it’s a bit of an educational experience about how books work for those who can’t read or are just learning to read.

If you’ve got young ones in your life, you will want to order a copy right away. Check out the video below.

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