Ten Appalling Films that Were Adapted from Great Books

“The book was much better than the movie” is a phrase that has been said for decades (and will likely continue to do so), but when it comes to these films, the phrase rings especially true.

Sometimes a film simply just does not do justice to a book… and other times it completely butchers the source material. Filmmakers have been known to add, subtract, or combine characters and plot points to the utter dismay of faithful readers.

Ultimately, when it comes to making books into films, Hollywood just will not leave things as they are. Until the day when they keep our favorite books’ turned Hollywood blockbusters as they are, we will likely continue to hear the phrase over and over.

Check out Watch Mojo’s video of the Top 10 Worst Book to Film Adaptions.

Can you think of other books you love that were made into terrible movies?

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