These Classic Comic Books from a Box Lot Get a Surprising Appraisal

Appraisers assemble! You are going to love this story!

When this man bid on a box of comics at an auction for a mere 24 dollars, he never expected to find a pair of rare 1963 Avengers comics among them. Other issues of the the Avengers comics have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so he decided to bring these highly sought-after Avengers #1 and #2 classic comics to be appraised at the Antiques Roadshow.

You are going to want to check out this video to see just what they were appraised for; we think it is pretty safe to say this man made a good investment!

Have you ever taken an old set of books or comic books to an appraiser? How did that go for you? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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