What If Teachers Were Celebrated Like Athletes?

Astronomical salaries, obsessive news coverage, and inspiring advertisements: we are already used to seeing these topics discussed on TV when it comes to pro athletes, but what would it be like if shows and programs focused on teaching and our teachers instead?

If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t appreciated enough for the work you do, you’ll love this crazy video that shines the spotlight on those who often don’t get the thanks they deserve for raising our kids and teaching them so much vital information that they’ll use throughout the course of their lives!

This witty sketch by Key & Peele gives us a glimpse at what such a world might look like, while also raising some thought-provoking points about the importance of teachers in our society. Maybe if we truly learned to respect and appreciate these professional roles, we could put a stop to our disconcerting teacher shortage!

Check out the below video and be prepared to find yourself wishing this was the world in which we lived. When you are finished, may we suggest reaching out to a teacher in your life and thanking them for all of the work they do every day?

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