Phrases You May Have Been Saying Wrong: Are You Guilty of Word Crimes?!

The English language has tons of grammar rules to remember, words that sound alike yet mean something different and weird spellings of words that sound completely different from what they appear. Check out these eight phrases that you might be saying wrong or putting in the wrong context.

On or By Accident?

When you do something accidentally, or not on purpose, that means you do something “by accident” as opposed to “on accident.” However, you do something “on purpose.”

Espresso Is Coffee, Not Something Fast

“Espresso” is the name of the type of coffee roast. “Expresso” doesn’t mean anything, although it sounds like you might catch the “expresso” train to work, or you might “expresso” your feelings.

Regardless of the Double Negative

“Regardless” means “without regard.” The word “irregardless” is the opposite of “regardless” because of the prefix “ir” attached to the front. The “ir” cancels out the original definition of regardless and it indicates you do find concern for something.