They’re Telling Librarians To Stop Doing This If They Want Kids Reading!

It can be hard to get children to read or at least excited about reading, so when a literacy program has found a way to do so, we pay attention.

Page Ahead (learn more here) is no ordinary literacy program. What sets them apart is how they get children to read; by choice! Page Ahead recently received 3,000 new books from The Greater Good Network and Capstone Literacy. They used these books in their unique “Book Up Summer” program in Washington state. The children they serve in this program can live up to 30 miles away from a library and are sometimes discouraged from checking out books. But Page Ahead has found a way to get kids to the library AND excited about reading!

We could describe the looks of joy on their faces, but you will just have to see them for yourself; it is an absolutely priceless moment!

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