How You Can Win An Inn With A 200 Word Essay!

In 1993, Janice Sage won the Center Lovell Inn in an essay contest. The owners at the time, Bill and Susei Mosca, charged entrants $100 to submit an essay on why they should take over ownership of the B&B, located in Western Maine’s White Mountains. Janice Sage is now ready to retire after running the Center Lovell Inn for nearly 22 years. And how appropriate that she should bequeath the property through another essay contest! Sage did the math and set the entrance fee at $125 with the hope of getting 7,500 submission. If all goes according to plan, Sage will raise an amount of money equivalent to the property value of the Inn.

Here’s where YOU come in…

How You Can Win An Inn With A 200 Word Essay!

Center Lovell Inn / Via WinCenterLovellInn

The issue being brought up is the ethical matter of selling a property in this manner. On one hand, many will submit essays to the contest and sacrifice the steep entrance fee and have nothing to show for it. But on the other hand, one lucky writer will win an amazing investment opportunity as well a scenic place to write that they can call their own; all this for the price of 200 words and an entrance fee!

What do you think?

You can submit your essay here. Read the stipulations carefully and make sure to post-mark your submissions before May 7, 2015. And good luck to all of you writers who submit essays!

When you win, save a room for all of us writers at this amazing inn!

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