Have You Heard Of An Incunable Book Before? See Why They’re So Rare And Valuable Here!

For the bookworms among us (people, not actual worms), old books are some of our most treasured possessions. But I doubt you own any books quite this old.

If you own an incunable book, that means you own one of the oldest printed books in existence. To be considered incunable, a book must have been printed (not hand-written!) before the year 1501. That is, within the first 50 years of the time that the printing press was invented and put to use.

Luckily, if you own an incunable book, the condition it’s in, including bookworm holes, doesn’t matter too terribly much. After all, it’s difficult to keep a book that’s over 500 years old looking like new!

Do you know someone who owns an incunable book? Have you ever seen one? Would you like to? Well the good folks of Pawn Stars bought one. So maybe it’s time to take a little trip. Or you can just see this extraordinary book with a surprising feature in the video below.

In this video, a man brings his incunable book in to find out what it’s worth. This book in particular is pigskin-bound and dates back to 1484. Find out what people are willing to pay for a book this old and why in the segment from Pawn Stars below.

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