Famous Love Letters You’ll Love To Read


Love letters are one of the most personal things that someone can write. A love letter is written to not only tell a person that you love them, but to tell them why you love them. Every love letter has its own unique touch; some are full of images, others are more abstract in their confessions. But there are some love letters that stand out in history not just because of who wrote them, but how they were written. Below are four unique love letters written by famous people to their loved ones.  They are all odd in their own way but achieve their purpose, which is to share love.

How will you tell someone that you love them?

4. Joe DiMaggio to Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe wrote many love letters in her lifetime. Although her marriage to Joe DiMaggio lasted a brief nine months, out of it came a very sweet and heartfelt love letter. After she announced their divorce on television, DiMaggio was compelled to write to her after seeing her cry. Known for being a record-breaking baseball player for the Yankees, DiMaggio was not a wordsmith by any means, but the story surrounding this letter is still touching to this day.

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