The Most Beautiful Bookstores in the Whole World

4) The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, California

This book shop functions like an art installation that you can walk through. Impossible displays of books that are floating, art that is hanging, or even tunnels and portholes, all give the space a fantasy feeling like something from a children’s movie. The store sells both new and used and even has a rare books section.

There is a certain amount of whimsy which goes along with the feel of this bookstore, which is located in the Spring Arts Tower inside an old bank. The name was chosen for the fact that so many brick and mortar shops are closing down in the wake of a booming online book trade.

3) Livraria Cultura in São Paulo, Brazil

These bright and modern spaces often have unassuming exteriors, but inside the checkered carpeting, modern design, and dragon skeletons create wondrous spaces for this chain of bookstores. Each one is special in different ways.

The locations also function as cultural centers, hosting events and concerts much like a large library or community center might. The company was founded in 1948 and now has 18 locations in Brazil.

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