Stuck On An Opening Hook? These 5 Ideas Can Help!

opening hook 3
So you have an idea for a book. You’ve outlined the chapters, buffed up the plot, added layers of complexity to the characters, and maybe you even have a rough draft written up. None of that work matters if the readers don’t get past the first few pages, right? That’s where the hook comes in.

There are no set rules for writing an opening hook – the only thing most professionals agree on is that your book should have one. However, there are a few methods you can try out if you’re stuck. As long as you are encouraging your reader to turn the next page and invest in your story, you’re on the right track!

opening hook 2
Some writers fall into the trap of trying to intice readers onto the second chapter by giving them what the writer thinks they want. However, if the opening scene is exciting and hits all the right buttons, but then gives way to a completely different story… you’ve lost the reader for good. You don’t want to give a false sense of your story. Instead, lean into your genre and try to aim for the readers who will love your story.

The first method of a hook is to consider location. Does your story take place on the moon? You can tease that out and then drop it like a bomb on the last page of the first chapter. There are so many other examples and methods in the video below! Watch and see which one you should try out for your story.

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