How Do YOU Pronounce These Words?

Depending on what part of the country you live in (or where you were brought up, for those of us who have lived in a few very different locations over the years), you probably have pronunciations of common words that are different from other regions. Don’t feel bad, we all do!

Growing up in the midwest I never thought I had an accent, as everyone around me talked the same way I did. Wasn’t it southerners who had the real accents? And people from certain parts of the east coast? I never thought the way I talked could be considered an accent.

But after heading off to college, I quickly learned that I did indeed have an accent, as each person I met quickly asked me, “where are you from?” Everybody knew I was from somewhere in the midwest, and some could even pinpoint the state, particularly if they had other friends or relatives from the same area.

I always love hearing how we all pronounce words a bit differently, so here are some prime examples of common words that are pronounced differently by various people from different locales. And just do not even get me started on the whole “Gray Duck/Goose” controversy!

Grab some friends for this one and enjoy! You may be surprised about some accents you’re not familiar with, or you might learn something new about your own accent!

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