Ten Book-to-Film Adaptations That Got it Right

Readers do not trust Hollywood when they turn a book into a film — and for good reason. There are so many examples of a film changing the plot, morphing two characters into one, or just outright going in a different direction than the book on which the movie is supposedly based. And there are definitely not enough movies that adhere to their source material strictly enough to please fans.

It’s understandable, of course. Not every book translates well to the screen. Sometimes edits have to be made in order to make a film more appealing to a wider audience or to show something visually that was not a visual element in the book. We just wish there were fewer unnecessary modifications.

But that doesn’t mean every film based on a book is a complete disgrace.

Watch this video of the Top 10 Book to Film Adaptions from WatchMojo.com. Their decisions were based on how well the film enhanced, respected, and expanded on the original source material, while also translating well onto the big screen.

Did you like their choices for movies that honored their source material? Let us know!

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