The Writer’s Circle’s Top 10 Stories Of 2015

We at the Writer’s Circle work hard to feed the writing community. We research interesting stories, we study authors and their craft, we stay up-to-date on writing contests… The one thing we really focus on, however, is what our audience likes. We pay attention to which articles become popular and why in order to bring you similar content. We’ve compiled our top ten articles from 2015 to celebrate you, our audience, and to look back fondly on all you brought us last year.

Happy New Year!

10. “It’s Hard To Picture This As An E-Book:” How Unconventional Formatting Is Saving Print

  • An in-depth look at Mark Z. Danielewski’s 23-part novel, The Familiar, and how it’s innovations in layout and formatting is helping create a new type of book for the 21st century.

9. Writers & Railroads: Amtrak’s Magical New Residency

  • After a series of social media responses, Amtrak is now testing out a new residency program for authors who love to travel.

8. 7 Pieces Of Advice For Submitting To Literary Journals And Magazines

  • All the tips and tricks you’ll ever need to get your short stories published in your favorite literary journal.

7. Can You Guess The Novel By Its Rejected Title?

  • Many famous authors have struggled with finding enduring titles for their stories, but some authors were particularly bad at it. Can you guess which canonical novel was originally called Something That Happened?

6. Why You Need To Start Using A Fountain Pen Right Away!

  • Fountain pens have been around for over 300 years but there’s is a lot more to them than one might expect. Behold, the ultimate guide to the fountain pen!

5. Finally! An Easy Way To Know When (And How) To Use A Semicolon!

  • Semicolons are a mysterious hybrid between a colon, a period, a hyphen, and a comma. It can be tricky to know when to use them but, if you’re anything like us, the semicolon will quickly become your favorite piece of punctuation.

4. 17 Literary Tattoos You’ll Wish Were Yours!

  • We’ve found the best and prettiest tattoos inspired by books and all things literary. Do you need any more explanation?

3. Coloring Books! For Adults! This Is Too Amazing!

  • Can the simple act of coloring inspire creativity? This artist is finding out as she leads the way in the world of adult coloring books.

2. “Very” And Other Useless Words To Erase Forever

  • A good editor will tell you that there are certain words that are great for speech but bad for stories. Find out which words you should leave out of your writing.

1. Straight From The Editor’s Mouth: The Verdict On Ending Sentences With Prepositions

  • And our most read piece of the year? Getting to the bottom whether we should end sentences with prepositions. Funny and insightful; this article makes us question what we will end our sentences with.

Now that you’ve seen the best of 2015…

What do you want to see in 2016?

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